About This Practice

gail weissert office

This office, in practice for twenty-five years, is about understanding, growth and change…for individuals, couples and families.

One tends to travel along the road of life at a regular pace…until there is a bump in the way. The good news about a life crisis, be it large or small, is that it often brings a person to recognize that familiar ways of getting along are not working. Anxiety, depression or behavior problems may result. One can save time and money by consulting a competent therapist.

I bring over 30 years post master’s experience to individual and family therapy, having served both adults and children in this practice, which has been established for twenty years. People get into treatment to make changes in their lives. A warm, compassionate, private place is what is offered here in this peaceful country office setting.

An area of interest and specialization is that of hypnotherapy.  I bring over 20 years of training and experience in this area of my work.  I provide this service only when it is requested and clinically appropriate, and it is usually interspersed with regular sessions, wherein goals are defined and mutually agreed upon. Many adult and child clients benefit from learning basic relaxation techniques, which help with significant stress reduction and improvement in sleep habits.  Some of my clients seek habit and behavioral change, such as to help with smoking cessation, weight loss or changing unwanted habits.  I commonly use a model of hypnotherapy which combines cognitive-behavioral therapy principles with hypnosis;  this approach can bring relief within a relatively short time frame.  A personalized CD is made for the client to use on an ongoing basis, as needed.

Working with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one specialty area used for adults and teens. This is a vehicle to help people to better understand themselves and others and to develop effective communication strategies and new ways to cope.

Some clients seek help with the aftermath of a trauma, such as an accident, or events that occurred in previous times.  For such situations, a type of transformational therapy is often utilized to help ameliorate the effects that are occurring in the present. EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be used separately or in combination with hypnotherapy, and this process often brings remarkable relief.