Do You Offer Telehealth Counseling?
Yes. I am now offering mental health counseling services via telehealth, which means over the phone (landline), cellphone, (including face-to-face), and also over a HIPAA approved, secure platform, which will work over computer or smartphone as well. Learn more here.
How Much Does A Session Cost?
Privately paying offers some benefits, such as that an insurance company or other entity is less likely to obtain access to any information about you.  I charge the average rate, which is $175.00 for an initial intake assessment session, $125 per session thereafter for individuals, or $135 per session hour for couples.
I am empaneled with most insurance companies and with a number of Employee Assistance programs.  Thus, what you will pay depends upon your situation.  EAPs often pay for a very limited number of sessions, 1-6 typically, and there is no out of pocket cost to the client.  If you use your health insurance, you may pay about $15.00 up to about $40.00 copayment for each session.
A few insurances do not have copays at all.  You can find out how yours works by calling the number on the back of you insurance card under “Mental Health Benefits”, or under “Customer Care”.Your health insurance company’s website may also explain your benefits to you.
What Happens In The First Session?
We initiate the process of a comprehensive assessment of your problem, and as many possible biopsychosocial aspects as is feasible in the time available.  We collaborate to come up with a general direction of what might be helpful to solve the presenting problem, including deciding if other outside resources might be helpful to you.
Sometimes, the client is given some “homework” of specific strategies to begin to implement, even after session one.  This could involve some readings, books, or internet resources.
How Many Sessions Are Necessary?
This varies from person to person, situation to situation.  My goal is to aim for the least restrictive approach and for the simplest resolution.However, some situations take longer, some people need support for longer.
I always review with my client when they feel that they are doing better, or when they have reached their hoped-for objective.  Sometimes, my clients opt to move forward on working on another issue or try out the use of some other modality.
What Happens If I Miss An Appointment?
Missed appointments are billed, as is standard local practice, at $75 per hour. If 24 hours notice is given, there is no charge.
How Will I Know If My Problem Is Resolved?
I like where possible to achieve mutual agreement to terminate sessions.  I believe firmly in the principle of self-determination, so it is really the client’s decision, unless there is some outside requirement, such as a court order for counseling.