Stress Relief Through EFT and Other Energy Psychology Methodologies

It’s now becoming more recognized that the whole body holds an imprint of stress.

Interestingly, some healing traditions are ancient. Acupuncture, for instance, has been traced back to about five thousand years. Compare that to the science behind conventional medicine, which had its roots in the nineteenth century.

I like to teach some strategies derived from ancient traditions,  from the arena of energy psychology, to assist with rapid symptom relief and rebalance physically and emotionally.

I’ve found that Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an easy-to-learn strategy that can quickly bring down the stress response within minutes, thus acting as an aid to correcting emotional dysregulation.  It also has some more sophisticated applications which can help to heal underlying “root causes”, thus able to be used in more complex situations.

This carefully crafted technique utilizes a system of tapping or massaging certain acupuncture points while repeating certain phrases in a certain order.  This seems to instill a relaxation response, thus allowing the brain to be more receptive to a different way of thinking and responding.

While the ever-expanding field of helping strategies can be overwhelming, I like to help my client to find “whatever works” best.

“Thoughts are things” – changing one’s thoughts from the negative to the positive can help us to heal ourselves, and in turn, to help heal the world around us.

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