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I try to empower people to change the thoughts in their minds so that they can make the changes they would like to bring about, to better their own lives and in turn the world around them.

Couples Therapy

Learn where and how your relationship began to deteriorate and interrupt and shift from destructive communication patterns, working towards understanding,...

Family Therapy

Learn about your family system, as it’s affected by various developmental stages, outside stressors, or family health or addictions problems and...

Individual Therapy

I can help you to get through a crisis time in your life, at home, school or work. You can...


Hypnotherapy can help you to manage your body's response to stress. Through the voice of your own inner mind, you...

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology methods, based on ancient learnings, can help you to identify patterns of where you may be 'stuck'. You...

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Bring new insights to understand yourself in context of your own preferences in perception, lifestyle and learning in relationships at...

    Gail J Weissert, LCSW-C, DCSW

    Individual, Family, Couples and Hypnotherapy

    I bring to your life over thirty years’ postgraduate experience in varied settings and with many populations. My greatest joy in life is to see my clients make strides through crisis and beyond – to coping better, feeling better, and with a new understanding and skill set. My training and experience are in a variety of modalities, from cognitive behavioral therapy to behavior modification, to family systems therapy, to hypnotherapy and energy psychology strategies.


    gail weissert hypnosis maryland
    5000 Clients Served
    25 Years At This Location
    6 Therapeutic Modalities

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    Gail Weissert has been helping people for over thirty years towards understanding growth and change. Read more about what they have to say.

    gail weissert couples therapy eastern shore maryland

    I am so thankful for coming here during these difficult times.  Just talking to you has made me realize that I am actually already doing everything I can possibly do in this situation.

    Couples Therapy
    gail weissert individual counselling services maryland

    I’m starting to realize the value of having added a therapist to my life over the past thirty days.  I not only have a safe place where I can talk about things; I now realize your bring not only your education and researched knowledge, you also bring the experience of having worked with others in similar situations. 

    After Finishing Individual Therapy
    gail weissert individual counselling services maryland

    Caring, compassionate, empathetic….having an un-biased sounding board is the best support. You are one of the best therapists I have seen for the past 22 years. The rest are just a haze.  

    Individual Therapy
    harnessing the power of thought

    You were right about it, I stopped craving sugar after that one session…I have lost eighty pounds so far…

    One year after hypnosis for weight loss sessions

    Thanks so much, we really made a lot of headway in that last session; really appreciate that: think I feel ready to go it on my own for a while;  I may need this again in the future.

    Hypnotherapy <em>Thanks so much, we really made a lot of headway in that last session; really appreciate that: think I feel ready to go it on my own for a while;  I may need this again in the future.</em>
    gail weissert individual counselling services maryland

    The truth just takes a load off. For some reason I’m happy now and want to start a new life. The future seems bright now. Thanks for everything.

    Individual Therapy Patient

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