We’re Transitioning To Telehealth

Notice to current and prospective clients:

UPDATE: April 2020 – We are now offering HIPAA teleconference services. Please read more here.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency situation, I have had to close the doors of my physical office, in an effort to ensure safety of myself and all my clients.

Like many local providers of mental and behavioral health services, I am now offering Telehealth platforms. The majority of my clientele have made this switch, and we are all adjusting nicely to this change.  The  HIPAA compliant Telehealth platforms I am currently using are Doxy Me and Simple Practice. Both of these let us speak with complete privacy over your computer or smartphone.  It is actually a similar experience to being in my office, except my client is in the comfort of his or her own home, or in another private place, such as office, bedroom, basement, or even in the car.

If there are occasional problems with connectivity, under the current state of emergency, telephone calls, Skype or FaceTime are also allowed.  

If you are considering becoming a new client in these stressful times, I can talk to you first by phone (free 15-minute consultation) about how this works.  I strive to provide the same quality of professionalism and caring concern that is normally available in my office setting.