Energy Psychology – Something Old, Something New

Several years ago, after having worked with a client for whom hypnosis was not as effective as we both had hoped, a consulting colleague introduced me to EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom technique. This is becoming more widely known now, as “Tapping”, and has even been featured on popular shows like Dr. Oz or Oprah, and is even on YouTube. At that time, I actually combined knowledge I gained from instructional techniques demonstrated on a DVD series with my own clinical background, and I was intrigued by often rapid relief clients had from some challenging and longstanding issues. EFT seems to be helpful a good percentage of the time. I wanted to learn more ways to be more effective in cases where the relief did not occur, or did not hold to the next session.

I affiliated with and have completed training with an organization known as Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, which is an organizational umbrella that fosters training, research, networking and humanitarian efforts for a number of techniques dealing with mind-body connections to healing. This venture has exploded my knowledge about ways to help people get past challenging roadblocks in life, from changing lifestyle habits to managing anxiety to moving past emotional trauma.

These techniques have evolved from ancient traditions of healing, such as acupuncture, various forms of meditation and guided imagery. Research, published in respected journals, are appearing now in greater numbers, to establish understandings as to how and why such techniques can be so helpful to deal with often complex and challenging issues such as anxiety or a history of trauma.

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If you feel “stuck” in repetitive patterns of behaviors that are not functional, I invite you to consider working with me, to finally uncover the roots, and to move forward with your life.