Could Hypnosis Be Related To The Field of Quantum Physics?

I think so. For twenty years, I have been attempting to wrap my mind around how hypnosis works. I wrote in an earlier article what appears to be an excellent framework regarding this topic.

New discoveries based on hard science are now proliferating. Actually, the science of quantum physics has been around for about one hundred years. Brian Greene, Ph.D produced and moderated an excellent three part series on the topic of quantum physics on the TV program called Nova in 2011. I watched this with great interested, as he traced the mathematical models, using computerized models to illustrate the complex underpinnings of quantum physics.

Gregg Braden, an author and trained computer scientist, writes about some of these concepts in his book entitled, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. What he says draws upon the science of quantum physics.

How can what the hypnotist says create a change in another’s beliefs, attitudes, values, and in turn on their behavior? And how do the atoms in our bodies change when we change what we do and what we say? He puts it like this:

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    • Electrical and magnetic energy form the atoms of matter.
    • A change in the energy changes the atoms.
    • Our hearts hearts produce the strongest electrical and magnetic energy in our bodies.
    • Heart-based feelings/beliefs create electrical and magnetic waves that extend into the world beyond our bodies
    • As we change our beliefs, we change the atoms that forms the atoms of our world.


So, I think something like this process is occurring in the gift of hypnosis from one person to another.

Hypnosis offers the possibility to create change deep within, thus allowing change down to the very atoms of our bodies. It is definitely a mutual process between the client and the hypnotherapist, and the trained hypnotherapist will work to take the client where she has asked to go.

If you would like to gain more in-depth knowledge about this complex topic, presented in a readable format, I would highly recommend Mr. Braden’s book, and also that you read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Both have further long reference lists at the end of their books.