Non-Directive Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Strategies

Healing after traumatic experiences have become an ever more acknowledged need in the field of mental health.  Trauma underlies many emotional symptoms and adverse behaviors. One does not need to have experienced time on the battlefield or child abuse in order to have scars and ill-adaptive behaviors later in life.

Exploring the unconscious mind to search for underlying factors, then installing curative changes in beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, can occur in non-directive approaches to hypnotherapy.  Regression therapy asks the mind to go back to an initial causative event when a maladaptive behavior began. (Examples could be something that would lead to an addiction, or even to inappropriate simple responses to other circumstances.)

Sometimes, a pattern cannot be noted to be readily determinable. In “past life regression”, for example, a story emerges from the mind, (whether a true “past life” or not), which brings new, symbolic understandings and solutions to “this life” issues.  Such strategies relate to work done by a highly acclaimed early psychiatrist, Carl Jung.

People who have experienced trauma, (sometimes thought to be 70 percent of the adult population) can become “triggered” and return to a stressed, “fight-flight” state of mind;  perhaps the triggering event would seem like nothing at all to another person. Coping strategies for such an occurrence are numerous and varied: a therapist can help you to find ones that work best for you.  

Mindfulness meditation came into the psychotherapy field in a big way in recent years, and many studies have shown how mindfulness, being present in the moment, helps to calm an unquiet mind and a dysregulated nervous system.

Simply learning how to do deep progressive relaxation gives untold relief to many.  This strategy frequently brings a person to the opposite of his or her state of “fight-flight reaction”, using thoughts to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and calm the mind and body.

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