Power of Thought

In all things, consider the power of the mind.   The vastness of thought becomes the gateway to the power of creating change in one’s life and in turn, in bettering our world.  I read somewhere that the movie star, Halle Berry, was inspired by her mother, a psychiatric nurse.  At various points in her life and career, her mom would say, “You aren’t here for no reason.  What do you think your purpose is?”   Brilliant.  One should be seeking to discover one’s own answer to this question.

Thoughts are things.  If one can change the thoughts in one’s mind, then one can begin to gain some control, over oneself first, then over creating a new reality for self and in turn,  the world.So the first principle is to put good stuff into the mind.  Have you ever heard the term “gigo” ?  I am advised that it arose out of computer programming…  it means, “garbage in, garbage out”….If you put garbage into your computer mind programs, you are going to get garbage back out.

We carry in our subconscious minds all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, values, that we got since our birth, and it all goes back beyond that….this reservoir comes not only from our parents, but also from our history , our culture, and indeed the thoughts of others who have gone before us.  It is reflected in literature, art, music, and in the minds of others around us.   So that is why must learn to think good thoughts, positive thoughts, satisfying and uplifting thoughts.  If we put this in, we get this back out.

So, here is the value of reading good literature, watching good tv and entertainment, listening to high  level music, choosing high level companions to join us in our journeys of life.  Put good stuff in, you get good stuff out.   Be discerning about what you allow to get into your mind.  This lifetime is pretty short, so, why would anyone want to spend even a few minutes on junk?  The trick is to put your mind off of what you do want, and on to what you do want to be or have or do.

Abraham, who became familiar to many in the DVD popularized by Oprah, “The Secret, says there are feel -good emotions and feel-bad emotions.  It is easy to figure that out.  Good emotions make us feel good.   They are ones like love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, joy, bliss, tolerance.  Feel bad emotions make us feel bad.  They include ones like hate, fear, anger, doubt, shame, guilt, sadness.  The feel good emotions, reflective of higher level thought, make us feel good and they make those around us feel good.  They lift us up.  The feel-bad emotions bring us down, and they bring others around us down.  So, we must learn to reside mostly in the range of the feel good emotions.  The trick is how to get there and stay there!
OK, so how does one do THAT?  There is always a plethora of stuff going on around us that can bring us down.  Just turn on the news for a start.  Drive out on a packed freeway for another.

Listen to mind-scrambling music for another.  Then go have an argument with a workmate or a family member.  Take in  too much of the multimedia stress that is all around us for another blob of feel-bad emotion.  Perceive an event in a negative way. Awfulize!

Then, what happens is that our psyche gets dragged downward. And thought  spirals downward even more, making us feel worse.  Then, we project this garbage back to others around us, and down we all go, just like London Bridge.  “We all fall down”.

But it is we alone who have the capability to change the thoughts in our mind.  Therein lies the key to changing ourselves and improving on this world.  Therein lies a meaningful purpose for each of us.

The purpose of this website is to start you on a journey of self-uplifiting and give you a few tools so that you can bring your gifts to humankind to create a better world.