Lose Weight With Hypnosis

I have decided to try to help more people with weight loss issues.  This is not a new subject to me; I have been using some of these strategies, un-advertised, for nearly twenty years.

We have all heard the statistics about Americans and obesity;   about 60% of Americans are now considered to be obese by specific operationalized guidelines about what  constitutes the concept of being overweight.  There are thousands upon thousands of programs, books, diets, articles,  supplements, medications, remedies, and even schemes that are out there to help with weight loss.  Most people diet, lose, then put the pounds back on.

Some research also demonstrates that we are genetically pre-programmed to hold onto weight, something that goes along with survival instincts  from the caveman days of our ancestors. I would heartily encourage any person who desires to lose weight and to keep it off to read extensively on this topic.   There are many outstanding, highly educated persons who have taken existing and extensive data about diet and nutrition, and have written comprehensive books and articles about this issue.

I personally have reviewed, and continue to review many  of the books and information about these things. I have personal reasons for my passion about this topic.  There is obesity on both sides of my family, and also on both sides of my husband’s family.  I have watched my own and my family’s eating strategies for decades.  I love to eat, and over time, have become a pretty good cook.  I have extensively researched how to eat well and to control weight.  There was  a time when I was not so educated about these things, and at  that time, I could not even imagine what changes would need to be made, and how to cook and eat  a different  way.  Now, even with a hectic, busy lifestyle, I have figured out how to incorporate right choices into our family life and into my schedule.

I never tell anyone which program that they should follow, because I think it is important for a person to research to find what works for them.  I have met people from many walks of life who have found a program that they like.  I personally tend to favor the low carb programs.  There are now so many amazing recipes and specialty products available on the market, eating well can be fun and delicious.

[highlight1 variation=”teal”]The bottom line about weight loss is that one has to change input and outgo. [/highlight1]

To ultimately change this, one must change how one thinks.  People often disclose to me that they feel out of control…that is, outside influences control them.  Of course, the only way you can change what you do is  to first change how you think….since, as addressed in other articles, everything we do is preceded with a thought. And so it is with the topic of weight control.

I recently scanned some research on the efficacy of hypnosis for weight control.  Doing research on hypnosis, for any topic, is not a simple thing to do. The researcher has to get a controlled set of variables, then do a double blind study.  What I cannot find in all of the research I scanned, is that which is said to the hypnotized subject.  And I think that is one very important aspect.  There are hundreds and hundreds of models for doing weight loss for hypnosis.  I think that the standard model that I use is a good one.   It evolves from a detailed history that I have taken about a person’s life and weight problem.  Thus, each session is individually designed.

I do not do a “one size fits all” approach in a hotel room filled with hundreds of people.  Also,this approach combines cognitive behavioral therapy together with hypnotherapy.  The research I have read indicates good results from “CBT” as a comparison to hypnotherapy.  It includes an age regression, but it is set up such that an individual will not view a negative life event.  It also includes the letting go of basic psychological baggage which often accompanies weight issues.  Finally,it includes two crucial elements: one, teaching becoming satisfied with a fractional portion of what was previously consumed.  (My mentor and teacher once hypnotized a woman who had to lose weight quickly in order to undergo surgery to be able to consume just one Ritz cracker per day!  He did do this with a medical clearance, of course.)

The second primary element is to shut down cravings, especially for sugars and refined carbohydrates.  My model also provides for followup after the main session.  After the main session, most people dramatically change their eating habits.  In the followup, I teach self-hypnosis, following an encapsulated version of that which was handled in the main change session. This is placed on a cd, so that the individual can use this on a several times daily basis.  Any problems which did occur in the interim are addressed in this session as well.

This is a very comprehensive model, a directive approach, and I have had good success with this for many years.  I had a personal story about this model, and it worked for me, tool. Some few people have some outlying factors, such as mental health issues, or family circumstances which interfere with the process.  In those cases, as a trained, licensed mental health professional, I also  have skills that can help to address these issues if needed on a more comprehensive basis.

As a therapist, I say my greatest joy and passion is to see people create change in their lives. I would love to welcome more to participate in my process to change how they think, and change their life by gaining control over their weight issues.

You can contact me here to [fancy_link link=”/contact” variation=”teal”]discuss how hypnosis can help in your weight loss journey.[/fancy_link]