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On Health, Never Say ‘Diet’

I have noticed that being overweight often correlates with depression.  So, a common strategy that many people choose is to  go to the family doctor, who uncovers a probable depressive disorder.  And the main  thing that a doctor is trained to do is to prescribe a medicine such as an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety agent.  Of course, people often request such a medication, because the 6 billion dollars spent each year to advertise prescription medication makes them a readily requestable solution.  What many do not know that many of these prescription medications addressing emotional issues cause a person to gain weight or to hold onto weight….so that becomes even more depressing in our health-conscious and image worshipping society. This  blog is not  intended to be a weight-loss manual.  As you might suspect, right-eating fosters improved mental health.  The main reason is that  the blood sugar levels, affected by the glycemic index of foods,  foster  peaks and valleys in performance and motivation. As you probably have read or heard elsewhere, yo-yo dieting is unhealthy. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients and their children consume carbohydrate-laden foods, mostly “bad carbs,” day in,  day out. This affects both…

Lo-Carb Breakfast Sweet Roll

I adapted this one from my mother in law’s version;  I use Julian Bread Company’s one carb bread.  You can find that company on the Internet. Also, Pepperidge Farm makes a five carb bread. Toast one slice of low carb bread lightly Spread on it about  2-3 T. Cottage Cheese Sprinkle it with 1 t. Splenda and cinnamon Put it under the broiler until it puffs slightly and is slightly brown Serve with your favorite coffee. (In phase 2 of the lower carb diets, this is a welcome switch from egg dishes!)

Hypnosis: Almost Heaven

Eben Alexander, MD, is the author of a number one best seller on the New York Times list.  A highly acclaimed neurosurgeon, he contracted a deadly form of spinal meningitis and lapsed quickly into a deep coma wherein his life was in grave danger.  Miraculously, he recovered to tell the story of his journey to heaven in his book, Proof of Heaven.  He explains how his experience could not be dismissed as just the brain shutting down.  He is now crisscrossing the USA to tell audiences about what is beyond science in the NDE. His website is He reminds us we do not have to nearly die to get to the bliss he experienced while in an NDE:  Deep meditative states like hypnosis can take us there too!

Transformational Healing

My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and have very interesting life stories to tell.  Some have turned life’s lemons into lemonade.  Some seem to have had lives that are relatively easy.  Many carry stories buried deep within, wherein an earlier hurt or trauma affects them today in ways that they do not understand, or brings forth a pattern of behavior which for them is no longer functional. For example, a person may respond by outbursts of seemingly uncontrolled anger with a spouse or a child, wherein the provoking incident was relatively minor.  Or a person may suffer from crippling anxiety or depressive symptoms.  Alternatively, he or she may engage in escapism behaviors which have taken the form of an addiction.  I like to think of an addiction as continuing to do something that is bad for you (and those around you) repeatedly, despite knowing of its harmful effects. In my practice, I have always been on a quest to help a person find the most effective relief from problems, as soon as possible.  I searched out this method of  transformational healing after years of seeking ever more knowledge about the consequences of complex trauma, and how to…

Could Hypnosis Be Related To The Field of Quantum Physics?

I think so. For twenty years, I have been attempting to wrap my mind around how hypnosis works. I wrote in an earlier article what appears to be an excellent framework regarding this topic. New discoveries based on hard science are now proliferating. Actually, the science of quantum physics has been around for about one hundred years. Brian Greene, Ph.D produced and moderated an excellent three part series on the topic of quantum physics on the TV program called Nova in 2011. I watched this with great interested, as he traced the mathematical models, using computerized models to illustrate the complex underpinnings of quantum physics. Gregg Braden, an author and trained computer scientist, writes about some of these concepts in his book entitled, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. What he says draws upon the science of quantum physics. How can what the hypnotist says create a change in another’s beliefs, attitudes, values, and in turn on their behavior? And how do the atoms in our bodies change when we change what we do and what we say? He puts it like this: [fancy_list style=”arrow_list”] Electrical and magnetic energy form the atoms of matter. A change in the energy changes the atoms. Our hearts hearts produce the strongest electrical and magnetic energy in our bodies.…