Healthful Products

I feel that my website would not be complete without a discussion of some products that are good for your body.

All of the hypnotic effects of advertising proffer the belief system that various personal care products that we buy are wonderful for us. But if you really dig deeply, you will find that many of the simple things we use every day, such as toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, deodorant, lotions, cosmetics, contain very harmful ingredients. These ingredients penetrate our bodies not only by ingesting them, but they also get inside of our skin and our tissues through our pores. I am not even sure of the current count, but I do know that a Senate subcommittee headed by Edward Kennedy during the 1990’s revealed that over 870 products on the market contained carcinogens: cancer-causing or promoting ingredients. I do not believe for a minute that we can totally eliminate exposure to toxins. All we need to do is breathe or drink water to get something bad into our system. But I do believe, based on pretty extensive research into original sources, that we can control the amount of toxins that we allow into our systems. An interesting article I recently read from BBC, for instance, reported that scientists have now discovered that lung and skin cancers result from mutations to our chromosomes; specifically, 330 mutations occur leading to lung cancer. Exposure to every fifteenth cigarette causes one more mutation.

Stopping smoking, however difficult that is, is just one step. It is of course one of the biggest changes a person can make to improve his or her health. (Talk to me about changes you can make with hypnosis!) But, beyond that, there is much more that we can do. We can buy organic foods where possible. But many people do not really realize the exposure we have through the use of simple personal care products that we purchase in the drugstore or supermarket.

In this article, I am going to tell you about some products that I learned about approximately ten years ago, and I have seen positive results in my life, so I recommend consideration of their use to others. One thing you can do is to read widely so that you can become self-educated about some of the toxins in products. A good reference book to this end is a book called The Safe Shoppers Bible, by Samuel Epstein, M.D. I , like many, do not have sufficient time resources to stay on top of the voluminous information on this subject. One must even be careful to read and research labels on products found in health food stores. There is one company called Neways that is based in Utah, which has as its mission to develop and market only products guaranteed not to contain the over eight hundred substances known to be harmful. These products, which I and my family do personally consume, are of a very high quality of effectiveness. They even won approval by the Cancer Prevention Coaltion. To me, it is a simple comfort to know that I can buy these products, which are wonderful, without being concerned that what is in them might be harmful to me. And I do not need to spend hours researching them.

These products are produced in the US and are marketed directly in many countries of the world, but they are not on the shelves of stores you frequent. You could actually order these products through me, and in so doing, receive a discount from their actual retail price. Please check out the link to this website, I will outline some of my favorites below.

My first “rave” product is called Eliminator Mouthwash. It is unique in that it does not contain alcohol. I personally used this product and to it I attribute the fact that I do not have the inherited periodontic (gum) problems my parents had. My dental records literally show the time I made the switch. My mother lost her gums and then her teeth in her forties due to pyorhhea; I was headed that way, despite extensive flossing. My dentist once again affirmed the absence of pockets, and I actually avoided a painful and expensive gum surgery. some years back. I use this mouthwash in combination with Radiance toothpaste. It lacks an ingredient found in nearly every standard toothpaste: sodium laurel sulfate. Look up that chemical and read why you do not want that in your mouth and under your tongue!

Refresh shower gel also lacks sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. That, I am told, is an inexpensive foaming agent…but you do not want that on your skin or penetrating your pores. I like the way it leaves silky smooth skin, even before I apply lotions or potions.

I also love the cosmetic line of products. They do not contain talc or harmful dyes. They are of high quality. I smile mildly as I am passing department store cosmetics, realizing that this expensive hype and poison can be avoided with a confidence that I am choosing beautiful results while avoiding talc, coal tars, and various other substances that are known to penetrate the pores and then the tissues and cells of my body. Check out the wonderful array of beauty products without danger show on the designated website.

Many books have been written about the value of certain supplements to promote health and avoid disease. The Neways line is excellent. My favorite is the colloidal minerals solution called Maximol. I feel that it “covers” me for anything I might miss getting into my diet on a given day. There are dozens of others also available on the website. I hope that you will take a look. In most cases, I actually went back to original research sources, because I could barely believe what I was reading. Feel free to research it all for yourself; the information is readily out there, about the toxicity of standard personal care products. Consider making a switch. Whatever I have done seems to be working personally, as I enjoy the benefits of making few doctor visits and taking no prescription medication.

See for yourself!